Multimedia collage

  • Lisa Esp - Feb 18th, 2011

    I am a female bellhop at a major Las Vegas hotel..Each year I look for the perfect Christmas bell brooch to wear on my uniform over the holidays...This brooch is fabulous! Very large with bright crystals just as pictured..The pin is a nice size...I couldn't be happier! happy holidays.

  • Jessie L. - April 3rd, 2018

    The most beautiful turtle pendant I have even seen!!!I'm in love. This turtle pendant is gorgeous and looks very rich, shiny, and just crazy beautiful. I personally beaded a necklace for it to be on , and it looks like a 20,000 dollar necklace, due to the beauty of the pendant alone. Love Love Love

  • Bernice S. - July 18, 2022

    the pin is beautiful. i looked and looked for a pin localy, near 4 july, but found nothing. i can always depend on Fantasyard! i am ready for next year