Flower Brooches and PinsWe proudly offer beautiful Flower Brooches and Pins with stunning quality and design. All of our Flower Brooches and Pins are made with sophisticated beauty and design in mind. We have huge selections of brooches and pins in custom shape designs such as animal, music, cross, frog, butterfly, events, and many more. All made with high quality gemstones, materials and workmanships.  Your satisfactionis our goal, if you have any question, our expert jewelers would be happy to assist you.

Happy Flower Brooches and Pins Shopping with Fantasyard.com!

Red Rose Flower Crystal Pin Brooch

CODE: 1001364

$24.99   $15.59
In stock
    Size 1.375 x 1.625 inches Frame Color Golden... More

Amethyst Purple Wedding Wreath Crystal Pin Brooch And Pendant

CODE: 1002862

$19.90   $12.99
In stock
This delightful purple wreath will go great with any dressy outfit. It has 4 different Swarovski crystals with a silver finish. Fastens securely with... More

Light Purple Flower Pin Brooch And Pendant

CODE: 1010592

$25.59   $17.59
In stock
This beautiful silver toned purple flower features a stunning pearl right in the middle. It can be worn as a brooch using the metal clasp for secure... More

Crystal Wedding Pin And Pendant

CODE: 1003852

$18.59   $13.59
In stock
This clear Swarovski Crystal Brooch goes perfectly with any wedding theme or colors! Use it as a decorative attachment for your floral bouquets, or to... More

Sapphire Crystal Cross Wedding Pin And Pendant

CODE: 1004001

$18.59   $13.59
In stock
This beautiful sapphire toned cross features Swarovski crystals all over the body. Fastens securely with a metal clasp to any outfit.... More

Red Hawaiian Hibiscus Swarovski Crystal Flower pin brooch and Pendant

CODE: 1010122

$29.99   $19.99
In stock
This delicate Hawaiian hibiscus flower is set in a gold finish and features rose colored petals. It is embellished with light rose crystals in the... More

Multicolor Flower Wedding Swarovski Crystal Pin Brooch and Pendant

CODE: 1003335

$19.99   $13.59
In stock
This beautifully designed multi-colored pastel flower has 5 different Swarovski crystals that completes with a silver finish. This flower has great... More

Topaz Crystal Tulip Flower Pin Brooch

CODE: 1001441

$21.99   $12.59
In stock
Everyone has a rose pin, but what about a tulip brooch? This beautiful antique style flower has emerald leaves and topaz swarovski crystal centers set in... More

Chrome Flower Wedding Swarovski Crystal Pin Brooch and Pendant

CODE: 1010582

$19.59   $16.59
In stock
This detailed chrome flower pin has a silver finish and is covered in crystal/crystal aurore boreale. It can be worn as a brooch using the metal clasp... More

Blue Hawaiian Plumeria Swarovski Crystal Flower Pin Brooch And Earrings Gift Set

CODE: 4000038

$56.99   $25.99
In stock
This Hawaiian gift set would be a great gift for any flower lover. It has rich blue pedals with sapphire crystals in the middle and a golden finish.... More



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